Leonardo DiCaprio Wore This Bracelet When He Finally Won His First Oscar After 5 Rounds Of Nominations

This Red String Has Blessed Thousands Of Believers With Wealth, Luck & Protection Against Evil

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  • A 120-years tradition practised by Buddhists, Hindus and Jewish.
  • Attracts wealth, luck and abundance 
  • Protects against negative influences and evil spirits  

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What is The Wealth Bracelet?

For centuries, the red string bracelet is worn on the wrist for wealth, protection, good luck, strength, and faith. Today, many people use it as a reminder that they’re being loved and supported by guardian angels at any moment of their lives. 

A Blessing in Buddhism

In Buddhism culture, a teacher will bless and tie a red string around a student or practitioner during ceremonies. Such a knot is said to be endless and represents the interconnection between all things and events which occur in perfect harmony with the Universe.

A Protector For Jews 

Jews use the red string in Kabbalah culture to protect themselves from being influenced by negative energy, which is called the ‘Evil Eye’. Usually, they tie the red string on their left wrist as the receiving side of the body, and it’s the side that’s closest to the heart.

A Fiery Spirit in Hinduism 

Like Buddhism, Hindus wear the red string as a symbol of good luck and protection. Red is the colour of fire and blood, which associates with energy, strength, power and determination. To Hindus, people with a red string on their wrists can ward off evil and control daily mood swings

It also reminds the believer of the importance of who they are and what principles they stand for. 

A Love Thread That Strings 2 Soulmates

In the Asian context, the red string is also known as the ‘Red Thread of Fate’. It is believed to act like an invisible, ethereal thread that connects the lives of everyone who will cross paths. Those who are seeking love wear it to attract their destined soulmate into their lives. 

3 Life-Changing Effects of The Red String 

Good Luck And Smooth Opportunities 

Enhances one’s luck during important events such as award ceremonies, business meetings, exams, competitions and more. 

Wealth And

Red is the lucky colour for wealth and it’s commonly worn during auspicious occasions to attract abundance and prosperity

Protection Against
Evil Spirits 

Keeps children safe and
sound from evil spirits and
negative influence. 

Famous Celebrities Wore It During Moments That Made History  

  • Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar after 5 nominations
  • Ariana Grande received her first nomination at the 2015 Grammys
  • Angelina Jolie debuted her 4th directorial film, By The Sea

and more…

4-Simple Steps To Activate Your Bracelet For Luck, Wealth and Protection

Step 1 - Identify Your Why

Take a moment and reflect on why you want to get the red string. Write down whatever comes to mind.

Step 2 - Create Your Ritual

Take a moment and reflect on why you want to get the red string. Write down whatever comes to mind.

Step 3 - Practice Your Ritual

Practice the ritual before wearing the string. Remember that this ritual is sacred and unique to you only. 

Step 4 - Wear Your Bracelet On Your Wrist 

Now it’s time for you to reap the benefits of your red string bracelet. Wear it on your wrist and remind yourself of your intention.

Recent Customer Reviews

I've been wearing a red string bracelet for over 10 weeks now and I have to say it's really starting to pay off. I feel lucky all the time. Not only that, but my mum & dad have gotten their own bracelets recently and they loved it.

- Tiffany Y.

Ever since I received it as a gift from my mother before a major exam, I have been feeling more supported and protected. So far the red string bracelet seems to be working. Thank you

- Matthew A.

I bought my red string bracelet and it has been the best thing I have ever done. I had an interview the day after I got it and my interviewer was so impressed with me that he offered me the job on the spot. It's been six months now and I still wear my string every day to give myself luck.

- Charlotte H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this pendant really retail for $60?
Yes, this retails for $60 on our Shopify store.
Why are you giving so much discounts?
This is a gift to welcome you to the The Potala Palace family. All we ask is that share the blessings with your loved ones.
Can I request more than 1 discounted wealth bracelet?
Unfortunately, every new member is entitled to just one free string bracelet. However you can order another one at a good discount and gift it to your loved ones.
How Long Does Delivery Take?
We ship from Asia, so delivery is typically within 7-10 business days of placing your order.
What Countries Do You Ship To?
This offer is available to USA residents only.

Enjoy All The Luck And Protection The Universe Has To Offer!


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